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Robots have been in production for a long time but they were not intended for the use in the daily life of a common man. They were intended for use in military applications or go to places where human Can’t go. But the advancement in robotics has made them so common that engineers are designing new and more complex robots which help its human master in his/her daily life.

The scope is so vast for this field that new companies are coming in this field and smarter and more useful robots are going out to the market. There are a lot of robots that are available but each one has its advantages and drawbacks. We have prepared a list of 10 robots to help you out in finding the most useful robot for your home. Here we have 10 Best Robots You Can Easily Buy Right Now.


Everyone loves dinosaurs and especially children love to buy Dino toys and watch movies like Jurassic Park. But would it not be more fun if you had your own little dinosaur to play with. Hold on! , this is not what you think, it’s not a simple toy this robot, it is totally autonomous which means that it can take care of itself and make its own decisions. It comes with a lot of sensors which make it a complete fun thing to have in your house. It had sensors that enable it to listen, put things in its mouth, for detection of external objects and a 32 bit Atmel microprocessor.


Aibo is a robot made by SONY which is able to move around with infrared sensors, it can look at its surroundings using a camera. Aibo is also an autonomous robot which means that it can learn to adapt to its surroundings. It can play games with kids and interact at the same time.


Robosapien is one of the world’s most famous robot. It is a mix of technology and personality. It has a complete range of dynamic motions and sensors that make it interactive. It has various sensors which make it function, think and feel its actions and objects around it.

keep on

For all the kids out there , keep on is specially made for you because it is a small robot made to interact with children. The robot has been used in the study of social communication and it can be used to help disordered children by interacting with children in their homes, schools, or developmental centres. keep on was released in 2007 on youtube and it becomea instant hit among all age groups. It’s simple appearance make it look cute but the little thing is far more than its looks.

Eco boat

Eco boat stands for Ecological robot and it is a class of those robots that can self sustain themselves by using the energy attained from their surrounding organic materials. This robot eats dead insects and uses them as fuel in its fuel cells after decomposing them. This is a true breakthrough in the robotic industry to make a self-sustaining robot.