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Football, the beautiful game is with No Doubt that probably the very viewed sport in the world, and can be popular amongst many centuries of people today. One of the best reasons for its huge popularity would be that the intriguing stories of the best football rivalries between various clubs and states that come with this particular sport ข่าวฟุตบอลวันนี้.

Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona

Greatest rivalries in Football history: Manchester United vs Liverpool

Real Madrid FC was created in 1902, While FC Barcelona was set in 1899. Commonly called ‘El Clasico’ competition, Real Madrid and Barcelona have fought against each other for roughly 270 days, together with Real Madrid winning roughly 37 percent wins in comparison to Barcelona’s 41 percent, and about 22 percent of these matches ending at a draw. This competition started out of the 1902 once they met one another for the very first time.

Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC

The football grounds have been dominated by the famed rivalry since 1894. These competing clubs have played with each for over 190 times, together with Manchester United winning 40 percent and Liverpool wining 33% of those games. About 27 percent of the games have ended in draw.

Arsenal Vs Chelsea

Most of the Arsenal fans dislike Chelsea, And the rivalry between these clubs is already one 100 years . Since 1907 they will have already been competing with each other. They’ve played almost 200 matches with each other, with Arsenal winning 38 percent and Chelsea winning 32 percent of these games. Approximately 30 percent of the games have ended in draw. Arsenal was established in 1886, and Chelsea was found at the year 1905.

Argentina Vs Brazil

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The competition between those neighboring States is popularly called the’Battle of these South Americans’. The very first game between both occurred at the year 1914, and also over 100 games have recently been played each other. The two states have won equal amount of times, and approximately 25 percent of those games have ended in a draw.

Portugal Vs Spain

Since 1921, Portugal and Spain have played with Against eachother for around 140 times. Portugal has gained about 17 percent of the Matches, whereas Spain won approximately 50 percent of the games. Approximately 34 percent of those games Have ended in a draw. Portugal played its first Global game in the year 1921, where as the first international match of Spain was in the year 1920.