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The need for mobile phones is change with the passage of time. A few years back mobile phones were used only for contact purposes, but nowadays mobiles are the necessary need of life. The concept of mobile phones is updated with new technology and they are called smartphones. People love to buy smartphones for entertainment and for interesting million of applications. There are many models of smartphones are available in the market. Among them, some are amazing and unbelievable.

Samsung – 56.2 Million

World’s most sold smartphones belong to Samsung, which is one of the most inspiring company all around in the world. Recent collapse with Apple with the issue of using the same Software without the permission of Apple was the successful turning point for Samsung. They already sold more than 56.2 Million Smartphones, which is really impressive news for everyone.

Their Recent Launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 is nowadays the most famous smartphone.  Samsung Grand 2 allows people to use 2 Sims in one mobile phone with a huge touch screen. Samsung snatches millions of customers from Apple last year, due to their smartphone’s grace and people friends technology. So here you have a choice to select I phone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3. These Smartphones are the hot favourite now a day.

Apple – 27.0 Million

We all know that Apple has the ability to manufacture unique and innovative products for their lovers. In the past few years, Apple introduced many unbelievable products in the market like I Pad’s, Mac and interesting applications. From I Phone 3G to I Phone 5, million of sets sold in the market with very good price. But the same quality Smartphones with Android software were Launched by Samsung at cheaper prices than Apple smartphones which hurts the sales of Apple to some extent. With more than 27 million sales Apple is at number 2 in the list of top most sold smartphones.

Huawei – 16 Million+

Top in the list of largest telecommunication equipment maker company named as Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd is the most famous Chinese Multinational company too. Huawei is one of the emerging and fast-growing smartphone manufacturer. Their launch of Ascend P2 shocked many companies that Huawei is ready to compete with other companies and will give a tough time to Apple’s I phones. They Sold 16 million+ smartphones in recent time.

Sony – 9.8 Million

With 9.8 million sales Sony is at number 4 in the list of most sold smartphones. As we all know that Sony is one of the most famous mobile and home appliances manufacturers. Their aim is to provide best and attractive gadgets all around the world. As we all know about Sony Xperia Smartphones, one of the best and reliable smartphones in the market. The launch of Sony Xperia Z -smartphone was very lucky for this company and they sold millions of sets within a limited period.

ZTE – 8 Million

The base of the ZTE is in China. 8 A million sales of ZTE blade phones ranked ZTE at number 5 in this list. Within more than 50 countries ZTE Blade shows that he is one of the most famous mobile phones in the market. ZTE is the manufacturing company whose aim is to introduce new gadget on a daily basis, They also introduced 3G AND 4G internet services in China.