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When purchasing a stairlift there are several features and Options offered by stairlift businesses. It is very important to know the advantages of such options and options to be able to create an informed decision as to which is the very best stairlift for your individual needs. Below is just a set of features & options that are offer by the improved stairlift AMICO MONTASCALE companies.

Powered Swivel Seat

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When a stairlift reaches on the best landing it should include a Manual cushioned chair that allows the seat to turn in the landing rendering it safer for an individual to dismount. As opposed to using ones thighs and hips to show the chair manually, the powered option allows the seat to turn mechanically.

Powered Foot-Rest Raiser

This Enables the footrest to be folded off without the need To bend . This is of particular benefit to wheel chair users that have to influence a transfer from wheelchair to stairlift seat.

Remote Controls

These are handheld controls for sending or calling the Stairlift from a distant location. Very beneficial for attendants or in most scenarios where there’s more than one user.

LED Diagnostic Read Out

This gives the consumer an LED read out indicating such Information regarding battery usage and fault analysis.

Joystick Controls

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As Opposed to standard Pushbutton controls set on the Arms of a stairlift, joystick controls are much easier to utilize particularly for those users that have pliers.

Flexible Chair Height

A flexible chair height Enables the stairlift to function as Positioned at a height in accordance with the height of this user. If the seat height is low it can be very hard for a person to get off the seat into a standing posture.

Powered Hinged Rail

If the stairs starts really near a doorway that the rail will Pose a tripping hazard. To overcome this hazard the railing can be split and hinged and can fold up and off from the door. This method may also be performed by hand but should really be avoided as a result of obvious difficulty in bending down and lifting.

Key Switch

A key switch enables the stairlift to be powered down. This Is especially useful if there are children in the house.

High Quality Stairlifts

Most stairlifts are ranked to Have a maximum load of 120kg (19stone). A few stairlift companies offer a Durable stairlift with a Lot Rating of 160kg (25 stone). Such stairlifts should also offer a much wider seat With additional rail support legs and also re enforced rollers.